About Us

The archery club was first established in 1949 by three employees of Ericssons in the Beeston Rylands Area of Nottingham. The club started up as part of the Ericssons Sports and Social club. This Social Club was subsidised by the company and things remained so for many years, even throughout company takeovers. As the company name has changed so has the name of the club, having been known as Ericssons, Plessey, Siemens and GPT.
The club then relocated away from their original shooting ground and company links, took up residence on the Nottingham Casuals rugby ground and became Beeston Rylands Archers.

In early 2011 our secretary Dave Riley, last of the original members of the club and the man who taught and mentored most of the club at that time sadly passed away.  Facing disbandment, the remaining club members (all shooting for 2 years or less) took on the challenge to keep the club alive in Dave's honour and went on to win the Nottinghamshire County league handicap trophy that year.

Since then we have had further success with members of Beeston Rylands Archers winning Ladies Recurve in the Nottinghamshire Indoor Championships 2016 and Gents Compound  & Junior Ladies under 14, in the Nottinghamshire Indoor Championships 2017.  A member of the club has also represented Notts as part of the County Squad between 2014-16.  We are also the self professed kings and queens of the raffle ;)

As a relatively new club, you'll find ours a relaxed, enthusiastic and enjoyable atmosphere to be a part of.