Beginners Courses

***All Dates Subject To Change *** 

Course 1 normally runs in May, when there should be sufficient daylight in the evenings and hopefully a warmer/dryer experience.  Course 2 will commence in AugustBoth courses will follow the Monday evening 6pm-8pm format.  Please be aware that some of the dates may fall on a Bank Holiday.  
 Feel free to email your interest in advance to or leave contact details in the comments section here, (they will be removed once interest has been logged).  Payment in advance secures your spot* and there are 12 spots per course and filled places are shown on this page in the order of application.  We reserve the right to remove you from the list if payment is not forthcoming.
When enquiring please include the following details:
  1. Full name, address, email and contact telephone number
  2. Emergency contact name and telephone number (in case of accident)
  3. Height and build
  4. Hand preference / eye dominance 
  5. Medical conditions  (see below)
As of the 25th May 2018 Beeston Rylands Archers will comply with GDPR with regards to the collection of personal information.  Please read our FAQ section for more details.

Hand preference is based on Eye Dominance - you can find out which eye is dominant by following these tests. Our training equipment is ambidextrous and covers most sizes of adult but if you are very short or very tall we will ask you to visit us for a fitting before proceeding, to ensure that our equipment is safe to use.  If you have poor upper body strength we will ask you to drop by for a test also.  Please inform us if you have any medical conditions/past injuries that might be aggravated by archery - we can meet to try out a bow and then proceed from there.  The poundage of our bows is roughly 20lbs (dependent on the draw length of the archer).  We have two sets of 14lb bows if this too much to handle.  If enquiring on behalf of a child under the age of 15 please email us to arrange a fitting.  Please read our FAQ section regarding applying for children.

The cost is £40 for four sessions to be paid in advance as soon as possible to secure your place*.   Please make all cheques payable to BEESTON RYLANDS ARCHERS.

"What can I expect?"  

Our beginner’s courses consist of four 2 hour sessions on consecutive weeks at our outdoor venue.  All equipment is provided for - you only need to bring yourself (and maybe some boots and a raincoat if the weather turns inclement).
You will be taught target archery and learn to shoot a recurve bow with a sight (if you have tried archery at have a go events or at Centre Parcs you were most likely shooting without a sight - also known as Barebow).  You will be provided with your own bow for the day (no sharing!) and share a target with another fellow archer.  An experienced club archer will be on hand to instruct and guide you throughout the session.
Please come dressed in close fitting long sleeved tops. Thin layers work best in colder days. Bulky and loose clothing can catch the string on release and arm strike is quite possible as novices get to grips with a consistent technique.  We will provide protective arm guards but for additional safety please wear long sleeves.  Facial piercings should be removed and long hair tied back.  For your safety, open toe footwear is not allowed.
Membership to Beeston Rylands Archers is dependent on completing the course - there is no obligation to join afterwards.  You will be issued a certificate upon successful completion of the course - this is just a token of your experience with us but if you decide to join any club in the UK please direct them back to us for a reference/confirmation that you completed a beginners course which should satisfy their vetting process.  Your application to join this club may be subject to committee vote.

Cancelled sessions due to poor weather (decided by us) will be rescheduled - normally after the originally proposed dates.  Please allow for course dates to run beyond the original proposed dates due to variable weather.  If possible we will run catch up sessions on a club day (Sunday or Wednesday).  Be prepared to shoot in light/intermittent rain (this is the norm for archery!).  The only weather conditions that prevent archery from proceeding are:

  • Persistent rain
  •  Snow
  • High winds
  • Thunder and lightning :O

When possible we will send out notifications an hour prior to the start of each session to confirm that it will be going ahead - this will be via a private Facebook Group set up just for coordinating our beginners courses so please ensure you have joined this facility ahead of time.  

This is a link to the group - only paid up participants of your course and the club members who run the course are able to see the contents.

* Should you decide not to attend your course, refunds are only possible one month prior to commencement or if you can find a substitute to replace your spot nearer the time.  All monies received are non profit and go directly to supporting the club.  The crew hosting your course are all club members and volunteers.

Please visit to find courses at other clubs in the region throughout the year.

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