"How do I become a member of BRA?"

If you are currently an archer that has had some experience and have belonged to an archery club before then you are more than welcome to come to our club for a chat.  Membership may be subject to a committee vote.  We may ask for details and contacts from your previous club and/or a demonstration of your archery knowledge and ability.  If your Archery GB membership has lapsed we can register you with Archery GB as a member of BRA or you can join directly and return to us when you have received your card (under agreement). If you have never tried archery before you will need to complete a beginners course (either with us or another club) before we allow you to join (same conditions apply as above). A lot of people approach us and want to have ago at archery before they commit, this is why we have our beginners courses to give people a taste of archery. There is no obligation to join after the course.

"How much does it cost to join BRA?"  

We have an annual club charge that is detailed in the tables below. This charge will cover you for a whole years shooting outdoors. An additional charge of £3.00 per session is applicable for our indoor venue on Thursday evenings during the winter months. Once there is enough sunlight in the evening our mid week shoot returns to the outdoor venue where there are no additional charges.

On top of this you will have to pay Archery GB , EMAS and county fees each year. This is your insurance that is compulsory for all archers.  Beeston Rylands Archers will handle these payments on your behalf.

For new archers all costs are charged at pro rata rates according to the time of year you join. Full year rate applies thereafter.  Archery GB for lapsed archers still have to pay for the full year regardless of when they reapply - the definition of a lapsed archer is more than 2 years before the archers last registration:

Full year rates apply for members renewing.  Note changes to fees for under 25s - AGB also changed fees structure from quarterly to biyearly in 2016 (only applies to first time members).  

Club fees - goes towards the upkeep of Beeston Rylands Archers
ArcheryGB - the governing body in GB.  Administration and insurance
EMAS - East Midlands Archery Society
Notts - Nottinghamshire Archery Society


"What types of archery are allowed at BRA?"

We are a target archery club – primarily target recurve and compound  Unfortunately, due to the nature of our grounds, we cannot allow longbow.  We also do not accept crossbows. Full carbon arrows are strictly prohibited at our outdoor venue. The majority of our members shoot recurve bows.  If you are new to archery please consult the club regarding purchasing equipment if you are unsure.

"Does BRA have an indoor venue?"

Beeston Rylands Archers currently hires a school hall near to the outdoor grounds.  It has a maximum shooting distance of 14 yards and can accommodate 5 straw bosses.  Normal occupancy for the evening is 12 members before resorting to double detail (which we prefer not to).  The size of the club means it is not financially viable to rent a larger venue.  Fortunately there are many neighbouring clubs with 18m/20yd facilities looking for visitors to help cover costs so there are always options/alternatives in the Winter season.  As of 2017 we will have use of the school on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  We will continue with max occupancy of 12 per night and shooting single detail.  Visitors to be prearranged via email only.

How much does archery equipment cost?"

It is important to be upfront about the equipment costs associated with archery – the sky is the limit as with any sport but an adult can expect to spend at least £530 for a full intermediate recurve setup. This could last you many years unless you really wanted to upgrade components. There are cheaper alternatives but it is best to purchase the best you can afford as soon as possible.

We generally advise to spend as much as you can on the riser (handle) as this is the part that will stay with you throughout your archery career.  Limbs are normally upgraded as you develop so best to purchase cheap sets initially until you know what poundage you are comfortable with handling for the long run.  Arrows are made to your specification so changes to poundage may necessitate a change in arrows too so again, best to stick with lower end shafts until you have found your ideal setup.

2nd hand is always an option but care must be taken when following this route and normally only advised if you are an experienced archer.

We can advise you before you decide on anything and as a member of the club you are allowed to use club training equipment until you are ready to commit to a purchase (as long as it does not conflict with a beginners course).  Use of club equipment should not be considered a long term arrangement however and any damages will be chargeable.

A guide to buying your first recurve bow can be found here.
A guide to buying your first compound bow can be found here.

"Can children join BRA?"

Juniors are classed as under 18.  Children aged 13 and over can apply for a position on the beginners course although a parent must be present at all times during the course and throughout the child's membership.

Archery can place physical demands on a child’s body and development and we have a very limited selection of equipment suitable for young archers (hence the minimum age of 13). 

We can recommend other clubs that are better equipped to coach children and have many junior members although we appreciate that not all of these clubs are local to the Beeston area. If you insist on coming to our club (for location reasons for instance) we can arrange a “fitting” to see if your child is physically capable of pulling back our lightest bow. If they cannot or it looks like there could be a risk of injury we cannot accept your child.  You could purchase suitable equipment for your child to use on our beginners course although this goes against general archery advice to buy before establishing a consistent technique.  Please contact us for advice on purchasing appropriate equipment before committing money.

Although we accept junior members into our club, it would be on the understanding that we would only be providing a shooting facility and that it would be the parents responsibility to arrange any coaching (external or internal to the club) or development for their child.

Experienced junior archers (For example, archers relocated from another region/club) are welcome to join BRA - parents must be present to supervise at all times.
Beeston Rylands Archers follows the policies for safeguarding as laid out by Archery GB - see LINK for details.

"General Data Protection Regulation"

From 25th May 2018, all archery clubs will comply with GDPR (which replaces the Data Protection Act 1998). 
If you become a member of or renew your membership with Beeston Rylands Archers you will automatically be registered as a member of Archery GB and the relevant County and Region. We will provide Archery GB with your personal data which they will use to enable access to an online portal for you (https://agb.sport80.com) which, amongst other things, allows you to set and amend your privacy settings. If you have any questions about the continuing privacy of your personal data when it is shared with Archery GB, please contact gdpr@archerygb.org.

In addition, the club will request details for emergency contacts and medical conditions.  Any data collected will only be used in the context of archery.

"Can I shoot at the BRA grounds without being a member of BRA?"

If you are in the area and want to shoot as a one off there will be no charge for your first time as long as you email us in advance and produce a valid Archery GB card.  After the first session, a charge will be applicable per visit for you to shoot on a Pay As You Go basis. Currently this is set at £3.00 per session (£1.50 for juniors). This offer is not open to non members of Archery GB and you must bring your own equipment (no carbon arrows).