Smoking Policy

Beeston Rylands Archers adopts Archery GB's code of conduct for smoking on the grounds.  No smoking on the field of play (including equipment and tent lines) or in the clubs buildings (clubhouse or container) please.

Code of Conduct Smoking

Throughout this code of conduct where smoking is refereed to, this also applies to E
- cigarettes/vaping.

Whilst recognising that some people may wish to smoke, we all have a responsibility
to protect those who do not wish to smoke or suffer from the effects of secondary
To comply with legislation, and in seeking to create a pleasant and healthy
environment for all, Archery GB operates a no smoking policy in all its premises,
including sports hall and club houses. At all times, at all Archery GB NGB/Region/County/Club external archery events/venues, smoking is prohibited on the Field of Play.  The "Field of Play” is defined as the shooting area, including all required overshoot, and all areas behind the shooting line extending to a point at least five metres beyond the last archer’s tent or shelter. When permitted, smoking must only take place in open spaces well away (a minimum of five metres) from building entrances and windows.
As a precaution against fire, a condition of using a tent or shelter at an archery venue
is that you do not smoke or use a naked flame inside that tent or shelter.
Smoking at Archery GB meeting and competitions is only permitted with the approval of Tournament Organisers and/or club officials.  Tournament Organisers and/or Club officials wishing to run non smoking events may do so at their sole
discretion.  When Tournament Organisers and/or Club officials elect to tolerate
smoking at a meeting or competition, there is to be a designated smoking area;
however, this area must be at least five metres behind the last archer’s tents and
shelters.  Tournament Organisers and/or Club officials wishing to extend the distance
beyond five metres may do so at their sole discretion. At all archery events specifically for juniors, smoking is prohibited and there is to be no designated smoking area. Where specific venues/events have more restrictive no smoking conditions
than those laid out in this code of conduct (ie venues where smoking is prohibited), the
more restrictive conditions will apply. Consequences for Non-Compliance

Non compliance with this code of conduct may result in disciplinary action.
Archery GB is the
trading name of the Grand National Archery Society, a company limited by
guarantee no. 1342150 Registered in England.

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